Council Minutes

Council Minutes at the Community Centre Thursday May 9th 2019 at 7.00pm.

Present: M.Skerrett, E.R.Noble, Marion L Hughes, C.Brewer, T.W.Jones, C.Ll.Price, Liz Roberts.

Apology: M.Chapman

Minutes. Council Minutes 7.3.2019 confirmed proposed C.Brewer, seconded E.R.Noble.


Police. Getting ‘local signs’ and obtaining estimates for flashing warning signs were again discussed, the busy Summer period is nearly upon us, M.Skerrett agreed to look into this. Clerk to discuss with Helen and Adam, Elen’s Castle as to having a ‘Police Official’ again this year near the Hotel. L.Roberts confirmed that the Sergeant has moved from the Police’ Station at Llanrwst, no information about a replacement. 


The A470. Disappointment was expressed when T.W.Jones confirmed that a ‘drop in session’ had been held at Blaenau Ffestiniog to discuss transport in the area, leaflets had been distributed at Blaenau. Liz Roberts confirmed that she would seek information from A.Daniels as to what happened in the meeting. It was understood that there was concern as to whether there would be a train service to Llanrwst for the Eisteddfod, free buses from Arriva possibly? Transport for the pupils to Llanrwst available until the Summer – obvious that there are still issues with this service? Ken Skates will be at a meeting at Llanrwst on May 16th. Liz Roberts confirmed that moving road signs was a difficult issue, she will discuss with Tim Barnes at Llandudno Junction.     


County Council. Road sweeper had been at Bridge and

Church Street

following the recent cabling work, K.Jones CBSC is liaising with Scottish Power to get the pavements resurfaced. He has also requested that the Tŷ Isaf road should be resurfaced, this will be dependent on a decision by CSBC.

Liz Roberts had discussed the condition of the Hendre Bridge, the one at Roman Bridge and the Pont y Pant Bridge with Gwyn Parry of CSBC who has been to examine them, understood that there are various work options being considered for them. Liz will seek a report for next Council.


Footpaths. Confirmation from C.Brewer that the stile near Llwyn has been repaired, Clerk to thank  Ioan Davies for arranging this.  


Station site.  Nothing to report.  


The Cemetery/Cenotaph. Clerk had received a message from Clive Humphreys confirming that he and Darren would be at the Cenotaph at 1pm on Monday May 13th. C.Brewer will be unable to attend but she asked whether it would be possible to consider having a ‘slate edging’ to protect the new trees once they have been planted? Clive said that a new work pattern for himself and Darren is to be introduced but that they would continue to help the local Council for as long as they could. C.Brewer confirmed that Doli in Bloom members would be at the grounds in May.


Council Charter. Clerk confirmed that the next Town & Community Council Forum would be held at Glasdir Llanrwst on June 24th, he would expect to receive an update about the Charter at the meeting. Liz Roberts said that the County was shared into 5 Areas for the Forums with a County Councillor for each area and a Chair and Vice Chair. Setting up the forums is to help improve the understanding and contact between the forums and Town & Community Councils.



. Understood that large changes are in the offing in the funding distributed by the Assembly which is creating real problems generally for schools. Interest declared by T.W.Jones, E.R.Noble.    



. Clerk has spoken again with Dr.T.Parry and advised him of Members’ thoughts, he would have to discuss with Dr.Dawn Jones and check the lease agreement they hold if someone had an interest in using the building. Liz Roberts confirmed that she has had a definite inquiry from a local person, Clerk to confirm this with D.Parry.


Financial Remuneration IPRW.  The up to date information from the Annual Report was discussed, it was obvious that Members had made the decision that they did not wish to receive any payments for the year. Clerk had contacted One Voice Wales and received printed ‘Opt Out’ forms from them. Each Member signed an individual copy of the form.


Carreg Alltrem bridge. Reply from M.Grant confirming that she is aware repair work is required on the bridge, officials have inspected the bridge and are happy that it is safe but that work is required and they are discussing how to address the issue. Clerk to keep contact with M.Grant.


Bus Service. It is obvious that the severe flooding has created major problems for the companies, L.Roberts has discussed the situation with S.Jones. Some problems remain with timetables, it appears that the Gwynedd Council Website is the best for the correct information.


Youth Service. Clerk confirmed that the evening to thank Garth Thomas for his service to the  club had been a success, Community Council and Menter Siabod were represented and there was a large group of youngsters also present. Refreshments were provided and Garth was presented with a framed photo, he expressed his thanks to everyone. Clerk continues to be in contact with Jane Williams from CCBC regarding receiving information about the future of the Club.


Information Board. The new board is in place and looks really well, it was understood that M.Chapman has been taking photos of the area related to tourism in Conwy and is liaising with Trefor Rowlands CCBC on the project.


Skip. Clerk had discussed arranging a skip with B.Valintine Menter Siabod who had asked were there different charges for Saturdays or midweek, £222 is the cost each time. Agreed that the Community Council will arrange one for May/June and MS would pay for one in late Summer.


Officials 2019/20

Chairperson: L.Roberts proposed M.Chapman, seconded M.L.Hughes, all in favour, no other name proposed.

Vice Chairperson: M.L.Hughes proposed E.R.Noble, seconded C.L.Price, all in favour, no other name proposed.

Chairperson   M.Chapman      Vice Chairperson  E.R.Noble 

The Cemetery  C.L.Price C.Brewer M L Hughes

Mandle Terrace   E R Noble T W Jones

School Governors  Teleri Jones   Community Centre  M Chapman

Toilets: M Skerrett, M.Chapman, E.R.Noble,  L Roberts

Clerk/Financial Officer G Roberts

Cemetery charges

E.R.Noble proposed with T.W.Jones seconding and all in favour that the charges continue as:

Grave purchase and erection of headstone for local people - £250

Grave purchase and erection of headstone for those outside the village - £600

Reopening grave local - £150   Reopening grave for those outside the village - £400

Casket burial - £120   Casket burial for those outside the village - £300



Correspondences. No correspondences received other than those circulated already by e.mail


Planning applications

Tŷ Llwyd: Nothing to report

Tan y Clogwyn: Nothing to report


Flooding. Meeting held with S.Wasig and G.Edwards on March 19. G.Edwards took the first part explaining that much work was being carried out regarding the funding of the County in the light of severe financial cuts from the Assembly. Unavoidably cuts have to be faced in several areas but attempts to reduce their effects can be made through greater efficiency practices. Many areas were discussed: playing fields, ERF Dept, waste collection, parking, toilets – closer liaison is needed with this issue. Important that CCBC and the local Council should discuss issues openly.

Shaun explained the funding application processes relating to funding for flood prevention, a difficult area, 3 parts to the process, no success with 2 of them. Must revisit some aspects but the small number of properties makes it really difficult to prove the need for funding. The work at the Meadow seems to be working. He would be pleased to receive photos or videos of flooding incidents in the area as proof of the problems. He will keep in contact with the Council.    


Toilets. M.Skerrett has been in regular contact with S.Teale to obtain up to date information, but Steve has been off work for a period, he is now catching up with the scheme. Liz agreed to attempt to have a word with him at the office.

Financial. Clerk had distributed the regular financial report to Members which was fully discussed. Clerk confirmed the final financial report for year ending 31 March 2019 with a balance of £7129.84 which was approved by Council Members. Need to provide all the relevant documentation to Auditors BDO by July 2nd.


Bills. Translation May £103.60; CCBC Meeting 9/5 £10; I.Griffiths grass cutting April £333.33; M.Chapman £15; CVSC Membership £15; Elen’s Castle Hotel evening with Garth £38; Zurich Insurance £257.60; Menter Siabod 19/3 £15; Donation Youth Club £100. Bills for payment proposed T.W.Jones, seconded C.Brewer. £58.20 received from the closure of the Ynni’r Dyffryn account. Following bill payments new balance £6259.45 in the account.

Dog waste bins. Clerk reported that he had an offer from two local people to take on the work of emptying the Council dog bins. E.R.Noble proposed with T.W.Jones seconding and all in favour of accepting their offer and to review in September.


Flower planters. Clerk to ask E.Roberts to plant new flowers in the planters alongside the A470.

Logo. C.Brewer suggested that the Council should have a ‘logo’ and had discussed this with a person who would prepare one, agreed to discuss at the next meeting in the hope that a logo would be available to consider.


Thanks. At the end of the meeting M.Skerrett thanked everyone for supporting him during his period in the Chair and wished Myfanwy well for her forthcoming period.

Date of next Council: Thursday July 4th 2019 at 7:00pm