Council Minutes

Council Minutes at the Community Centre Thursday November 14 2019 at 6:30pm.

Present: M.Chapman, C.Brewer, Liz Roberts, T.W.Jones, E.R.Noble, C.L.Price.

Apology: M.Skerrett, Marion L Hughes.

Minutes. Council Minutes 12.9.2019, confirmed proposed C.L.Price, seconded L.Roberts.


Police. L.Roberts confirmed that she had discussed the speeding situation with Iolo Tegid, moving the sign at Pont Arenig will be considered when a review of the condition of the A470 is undertaken. Agreed that placing a warning sign prior to Pont Arenig of the 30mph restriction on entering the village would be a good idea, Clerk to make contact with I.Tegid to suggest this.


The A470. Understood that a report regarding the condition of the road over the Crimea is being prepared with attention being given to speeding and a warning as regards the Roman Bridge road entrance, the Community Council have asked for this on numerous occassions of course.


County Council. Some resurfacing of the road along Cyfyng Hill has taken place, still a need to clear streams alongside the road. Clerk to also note a problem with standing water along the Roman Bridge road off the A470.


Footpaths. Clerk had been unable to arrange a meeting with I.Davies but M.Skerrett had sent him a photo of ‘doggy stiles’, C.Brewer suggested that it be sent to Iolo and local paths where he could consider siting them were discussed. The path near Pont y Coblyn, Bron Fedw/Bertheos and the ‘top road’ path beyond Snowdon View.

Station site. Message from M.Lawton confirming that she had forwarded the Council’s thanks for the excellent work carried out at Gethin Bridge for the attention of Network Rail. Clerk to note the need to ensure the correct pointing of the sign at the Station site.   


The Cemetery/Cenotaph. M.Chapman, E.Noble and the Clerk had met with C.Humphreys at the Cenotaph and discussed and inspected the trees, he felt that they should all be felled on account of the ‘disease’ affecting them. Detailed discussion took place as regards the best possible trees to replace them and he suggested a type of ‘Paper Birch’. Felling and clearing the trees was discussed and he agreed to discuss this with the Parks Dept at CCBC suggesting that they may do this, he will contact the Clerk about this and the grass cutting for next Spring. C.Brewer confirmed that Dolwyddelan in Bloom members had held an open day at the Cenotaph to seek suggestions as to what could be done there. The condition of the trees was also part of their discussions and she confirmed their suggestions. One idea was to have a type of ‘ring of slate’ with possibly some smaller trees with them, she will provide the Clerk with further details about this. There was also a question about having additional names on the Cenotaph, the feeling was that this was not possible, Clerk to contact the War Graves Commission. Connie provided a ‘sketch map’ outlining her ideas as to developing a ‘ Memorial Garden’ at the Cemetery and was anxious to gauge Members’ views. Agreed that all the Members should visit the cemetery to consider the proposal for discussion at the next meeting in January.


Council Charter. Clerk had received a letter from CCBC referring to services which could be under threat on account of the funding at the County – some possibly which local Councils could take responsibility for them, copy sent to Members. Sian Jones CCBC is available at Glasdir to discuss this. Liz Roberts confirmed she was hoping to arrange a Valley Forum  on November 25.





. Clerk had not had a response to his latest message from M.Grant.


Bus Service. Reply received from Steph Smith CCBC confirming that they had spoken with school bus drivers and viewed CCTV on them, passengers do stand at times even when seats are available, it is passengers’ choice to stand, it is pupils who stand mainly to be with their friends, there is not a shortage of seats on the bus. It appears that the situation with contracts is difficult with an apparent lack of communication. The situation needs to be monitored closely.


Dog waste bins. Clerk confirmed that Seb and Gen had returned their cheques stating that they wished for their payments be made to the benefit of the local School, Clerk to thank them for being so considerate. It is possible that there will be a need to find someone to do the work for a while at the beginning of the year, members to discuss this in January.


Logo. Clerk to discuss production of the logo with B.Atkins.


Bridges in the Area.  Reply from G.Parry CCBC confirming that nothing has changed since his last report – Hendre Bridge planning for work May/June 2020; Sarn Ddu Bridge application for right to work at the site sent to the National Park; Pont y Pant Bridge detailed survey to be undertaken later in the financial year.


Ellen’s Well. Reply from Liz Evans Historical Society confirmed that the Elen’s Castle Hotel own the land where the Well is sited and that there is no certainty as regards the ownership of the path leading to the Well. Following a detailed discussion the Members could not see their way clear to contribute towards work which was on private land, and Health & Safety concerns regarding the path. Clerk to confirm this to the Society.


‘Repair Café’. Reply from S.Hewitt confirmed that he could not include an item about this in the Newsletter as he was’nt sure about the what the ‘venture’ involved, he suggested perhaps Mrs Hardy could draft an item herself for inclusion in the newsletter? 



Guto Bebb. Letter from G.Bebb expressing his thanks for the support he received as Aberconwy Member of Parliament for 10 years.

‘Community Car’. Explanation from L.Roberts regarding the scheme at Betws y Coed Surgery. 

Peter Owen Bench. The bench in memory of Peter is in poor condition, Clerk to confirm that the Council are prepared to contribute towards its restoration – what about a plastic bench?

‘MUGA’ School yard. Clerk had inspected the condition of the area with B.Valintine, some repairs required, contact made with Rhydian Jones and T.Ballam CCBC who are looking into the issue, they are also in contact with the School Headmistress. Council Members are prepared to support.  

Planning applications

Tŷ Llwyd: Nothing to report

Tan y Clogwyn: Nothing to report

1 Maes y Braich. No comments.

Rowans. No comments

Pendyffryn. No comments regarding demolition of an extension and replacement with a new single floor extension.


Flooding. K.Phillips noted that a business plan should be submitted to Welsh Govt by Xmas.


Toilets. Clerk, M.Skerrett and L.Roberts in contact with S.Teale. Message from M.Skerrett on November 13 attaching information about the toilets which had been supplied to CCBC Cabinet, press article confirmed that the Cabinet are likely to approve funding for work on the toilets at Llanrwst and Dolwyddelan. Agreed that an urgent and detailed meeting between Steve and the Council’s sub committee must be held to discuss the plans in detail where the Members can give their opinion and state the Council’s requirements in relation to the plans prior to them going out to tender, Mike to arrange a date.


Financial. Report received from BDO following the Audit, two observations – one noting a box which had not been completed on the form and the other noting that Financial Regulations be adopted by the end of the current financial year. The comments were accepted by the Members.

Clerk had distributed the regular financial report which was fully discussed.


Bills. Poppy Wreath £20; ICO renewal GDPR £40; N.Ferguson Website £50; Translation November 14 £103.60; CCBC Meeting 14/11 £10; I.Griffiths grass cutting September & clearing leaves £353.33; Clerk 1/7 to 30/9 £250; Dolwyddelan School £240 – 3 payments due to Seb & Gen for emptying dog bins, which they wish to be paid to the School, Clerk to thank them. Bills for payment proposed C.Brewer, seconded M.L.Hughes. Following bill payments new balance £8484.67 in the account.

Date of next Council: Thursday January 9 2020 at 7:00pm

Meeting to discuss Street Lighting along A470 6:30pm Community Centre

Paul Sagar NMWTRA was welcomed to discuss this, he was very annoyed on account of the serious delays with completing the work and restoring the lights. He apologised and confirmed that as he had been on leave he had no information about what was happening, this is not acceptable and he was looking into the reasons for the delay. He had been given to understand that the situation should have been rectified by next week. The Clerk confirmed that the workmen had co-operated to ensure that there would be no problems where access to the Cemetery near Bod Eifion was concerned and he was pleased about this. He inquired whether the Council wished to have changes to the type of lighting/bulbs and showed examples of different types which were available noting that he would look into this and keep in contact with the Clerk. The Chairperson thanked Paul for coming to meet the Members and for his report.