Council Minutes

Council Minutes at the Community Centre Thursday January 9 2020 at 7:00pm.

Present: M.Chapman, Liz Roberts, T.W.Jones, E.R.Noble, C.L.Price, M.Skerrett, Marion L Hughes.

Apology: C.Brewer

Minutes. Council Minutes 14.11.2019, confirmed proposed C.L.Price, seconded T.W.Jones.


Police. Nothing to report but Liz Roberts had discussed speeding cars in her recent meetings (see the report on the A470).


The A470. Information from Iolo Tegid which L.Roberts had received following their November meeting, NMWTRA to look into the effectiveness of the double white line near Fish Inn as they have had reports of speeding in that area; CCBC are working on a safety study on behalf of Welsh Government on the A470 near Roman Bridge, due to report back in the next few weeks. Liz Roberts will be attending a meeting with A.Owen, P.Brunton and K.Jones on January 16.


County Council. L.Roberts had a ‘walkaround’ the village with Kevin Jones CCBC, following this drainage work will be undertaken at Ffordd Tŷ Isaf, High Street, Maes y Braich/Tan y Benar, Allt Gweithdy, survey of the condition of the trees in the Station Yard area will be undertaken, look into why flooding is happening by the School gates, check on a problem with the drain near Shikari. Attention to be given to the standing water along Cwm and Roman Bridge roads.


Footpaths. Clerk had been unable to arrange a meeting with I.Davies, he could possibly meet with Members in March or meet during the day in March? C.Brewer is happy to go with him and the Clerk and other Members to view the stile near Bron Fedw.


Station site. Understood that M.Lawton had been promoted, Cerk to congratulate her.


Council Charter. Forum meeting at Glasdir Llanrwst February 5, Clerk and Chair to attend. It is apparent that meetings are continuing to discuss services under threat due to the financial situation of the County. Members agreed that it was difficult to take any local decisions without  definite information from CCBC, the village toilets are obviously already being discussed.





. Reply from M.Grant confirmed that it is now obvious that more specialist work is required on the bridge and engineers will meet at the site to discuss this. She had noted that the NRW sign at the Station Yard had been moved, Clerk to arrange a site meeting with her.


Bus Service. Understood that CCBC have received some finance to support the service but that it is still necessary to keep an eye on it – L.Roberts is doing so, some buses come to the village but don’t continue on to Blaenau. Also some villagers continue to have difficulty with the timings.


Dog waste bins. Message received from Seb to confirm that they are having to give up the work on account of family issues. M.Skerrett agreed to place a message on the Dolwyddelan Facebook page to invite anyone happy to take on the work to contact the Clerk.


Logo. Clerk to discuss production of the logo with B.Atkins, M.Skerrett said he was happy to assist in any way.


Bridges in the Area.  Nothing to report.


‘Repair Café’. Nothing to report.


Peter Owen Bench. No real movement on this – what would a plastic bench cost, Clerk to liaise with B.Valintine.


‘MUGA’ School yard. Understood that Mrs Jones-Artell is seeking estimates for the work from a local builder, no decision can therefore be made to discuss a contribution towards the cost. Interest by E.R.Noble, T.W.Jones and Liz Roberts.


Visit by Paul Sagar. Message from P.Sagar confirming that a request for funding has been made to Welsh Government, he will keep in  touch with the local Council.



Salt Bags. ERF Dept. confirmed that the bags have been left at the Station Yard.

Help with Planning; Have your say about Policing; Fire & Rescue Service – Clerk had distributed information to Members.

Dolwyddelan School. Letter from J.Richmond on behalf of the Governing Body confirmed that the financial situation has not improved, the situation was discussed in detail then C.L.Price proposed with M.Skerrett seconding and all agreed, that £1000 donated to the local School. Interest by E.R.Noble, T.W.Jones and Liz Roberts. Clerk to ask if the ‘Friends of the School’ are still operating and contributing towards the School?

Planning applications

Tŷ Llwyd: Nothing to report

Tan y Clogwyn: Nothing to report

1 Maes y Braich. Nothing to report

Rowans. Nothing to report

Pendyffryn. Nothing to report


Flooding. Message from K.Phillips confirming that the promised finance has not been received as promised and that she has a meeting to discuss this in January in the hope of moving the project forward.  


Toilets. Agreed that the recent meeting had been beneficial, understood that CCBC are now inviting those with interest to tender for the work of upgrading the building. Need to keep in close contact with S.Teale to ensure that the project comes to fruition.


The Cemetery/Cenotaph. Some of the Members had visited the Cemetery to consider Connie’s plans, agreed it was best to wait until Spring (beginning of April?) then to arrange for all the Members to visit the Cemetery together to discuss carefully what would be the best way to create a ‘Remembrance Garden’ as suggested by Connie.

Regarding the Cenotaph, Alan Farrar had contacted the Clerk to confirm that he would cut down, remove and ‘chip’ the large trees, he had also discussed having ‘a ring of slate’, one to represent each local soldier lost in the Wars, he would obtain the ‘slate’ and do the work required, he has obviously thought a lot about this. It was agreed that this was a good idea but that further discussions would be required with him and a meeting at the Cenotaph with him to decide how best this would work. No response from C.Humphreys as regards CCBC workers coming to cut the trees and continuing to cut the grass at the Cenotpah in the Spring, Clerk to contact him again to ask for a decision in time for the meeting to discuss the new Precept.  Clerk had received a reply from the ‘War Graves Commission’ confirming that it was a local decision as regards  whose names would be included on the Cenotaph, it is obvious therefore that in 1919 Members of Dolwyddelan Community Council had decided that only the names of those local soldiers killed in the First World War were to be included and that this was so also following the Second World War and the Members were in complete agreement with this. No reply received as regards the Clerk’s inquiry for funding towards the upkeep of the Cenotaph, he will contact them again about this. 


Financial. Clerk had distributed the regular financial report which was fully discussed. Agreed to meet on January 30th to discuss setting the Precept for the year 2020/21.


Bills. Audit Fee 2028/19 £209.25; Translation January 9 £103.60; CCBC Meeting 9/1 £10; Clerk 1/10 to 31/12 £250; Dolwyddelan School £1000 and the payment due to Seb & Gen for emptying dog bins November & December £80; which they wish to be paid to the School; Clare Sharpe £82 for the Switching on of the Xmas tree lights and Carol Singing. Bills for payment proposed E.R.Noble, seconded T.W.Jones. Following bill payments new balance £10,137.72 in the account.


Road condition. Information from T.W.Jones that there is a large pothole in the road surface on the Railway Bridge, Clerk to contact the ERF Dept.

Switching on the Xmas Tree lights. The feeling was that getting Ffion Dafis to come to switch on the lights along with carol singing and mulled wine had worked very well even if the weather was foul with a large number of people having turned up to support on the Square. A local group had got together and asked some of the Community Council Members to join them as the Council are responsible for arranging the tree annually, because of the success of the evening it is highly likely to continue. Obviously the fact that a ‘sub committee’ has been established is of benefit to the Council and could be beneficial in the future? Of course, lessons were learnt, no formal application was made to the Mandle Terrace Trustees for use of the car park nor was there any contact with the residents of the houses. 

Date of next Council: Thursday March 5 2020 at 7:00pm